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Easy Access

The self-service ecolandry washers and dryers can be found at Patmos' new marina.

Ease of use

You can wash and dry loads of up to 10 kilogrammes with a push of a button.


Detergent and fabric softener are automatically dispensed into the drums without any additional charges.

Multiple Wash Cycles

Washing times range from 23-40 minutes depending on the selected programme. Costs also vary accordingly.


A 10-minute drying cycle costs 1€ . Estimated drying times vary from 30-60 minutes subject to the type of fabric.

Eco products

The cleaning products are in liquid form, 100% plant based, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly; part of the NAT LINE range of products.

Top equipment

The equipment is supplied by the American company, PRIMUS.